Nerdy 30’s – – From The Spooky Depths of the InterTubes

This is the part of the episode where J finds weird stuff on the internet to amuse herself.

In honor of Halloween, I pulled together some of my favorite articles and YouTube videos on death.

Did you know you can rent professional mourners to beef up your attendance numbers at your funeral? supplies well dressed and punctual mourners for your funeral or wake. Paying someone to cry and mourn at your funeral is a tradition deeply rooted in history. The BBC published an article about  Liu Jun-Lin, Taiwan’s most famous professional mourner.

Check it out:

My favorite Mortician  (don’t judge, I know, it sounds weird) Caitlin Doughty at the YouTube channel Ask a Mortician answered the age old question: “What happens to my breast implants and artificial hips when I die?”

She also has a thrilling episode titled “Corpse Poo.” She explains exactly what you think she will.

Halloween means parties. Parties mean talking to people. I for one am a social awkward walrus. I want to keep things casual – no sense jumping into the nitty gritty in my life. I also don’t want to come off as a show off. What do I do? The answer is facts about death. Nothing says party talk like pretentious factoids that you can share with your friends.

SciShow tackles the question, Can you be scared to death? They break out the particulars piece by piece. Bonus! you get to listen to Hank Green talk. His voice makes me happy. I am fairly certain you can get smarter just by listening to the sound of his voice.  If you haven’t heard of Hank Green, Get thee to the internets right now! Hank Green is one have of the dynamic Vlogbrothers. He and his brother John Green (author and all around awesome guy) run the dynasty that is Vlogbrothers Youtube Channel, Dear Hank and John Podcast, and

I also encourage you to check out this SciShow classic : What We Do With Dead Bodies.

Lastly, who doesn’t love a good round of “how did he die?” Mental Floss is the reigning king of lists on the Internets posted  “Death! 41 Historic Demises”

I am going to go sneak candy from my children’s Halloween buckets – thank you very much.

Enjoy the links and send me links to stuff you love on the net in the comments below.





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