Jerusha Gray PaleGrayInk

Jerusha Gray

Professional idea machine

but with blood and guts and stuff…

We weren’t born with a self. We CREATE ourselves. You make you.” – Hank Green

Jerusha is what happens when a hippy artist and a hippy musician (both Leos) make a baby in the Pacific Northwest.  She is a trained logistician, compliance nerd, and data analyst. She also makes cool shit in person and on the internet with paint, graphic design, and hardcore (okay maybe not that hardcore) storytelling under the name PaleGrayInk.

The heart of Jerusha’s work is a desire to connect with the world around her and tell our communal stories through words, art, good design, and community building.

‘You can find her behind the scenes at where she works her magic as Senior Graphics Editor. Her stories often grace the pages there as well

Check in on her Instagram feed for a visual record of her latest creative exploits.

It may or may not also outline her deep love for flannel, hooded sweatshirts, a well-timed curse word, and a potentially inappropriate level of love for coffee.